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Palfinger thrives in mining market

With a majority of the South African economy being based on the exports of minerals, the South African mining industry has been growing at a rapid pace. As with most existing industries that start to develop and expand, new needs arise in the market, to make the industry more economical, efficient and safer for the workers.

Two worlds joining forces

This is where PALFINGER’s local dealer and a local South African engineering company, that specialises in customized mining vehicles joined forces to develop the ultimate underground lifting solutions vehicles for mining.

The PALFINGER engineering team alongside the mining vehicle specialist met with the customer to discuss all his requirements for the vehicle. The customer needed an underground vehicle with enough space and lifting power to haul bags of cement and various other equipment from one part of the mine to the next.

The perfect solution

The engineering teams suggested a standard underground mining vehicle with a haulage trailer fitted with a PK8500 PALFINGER crane. The crane was fitted on a trailer chassis that was modified with extra reinforcements to ensure it can fit and handle the cranes weight.

For more information on this project or similar projects, contact our local dealer in South Africa directly by visiting their website: or via the Sales & Service Search.

Palfinger Southern Africa thrives in the underground mining market
Palfinger Southern Africa thrives in the underground mining market